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My history with Whippets (so far)...

I purchased my first Whippet from Karen & Kalen Dumke in 2009, a lovely white & fawn male named "Connor".  He is my house companion and has been a fabulous intro to the breed for me.  I got my second whippet from Debbie Syrja of Free Wynd Whippets...  I then had one "oops" litter between her and Connor, born in June 2012.  I kept one of the girls from this litter to live with me, one girl on co-ownership with a friend and the boy went to a show home out in VA.

For the record, I generally only breed about one or two litters a year, what you are seeing here is litters planned for the next two years (or longer). I like to plan as far in advance as possible so I don't get caught in a crunch.  I frequently change my plans but it is easier to change them than not to have them at all! My goals as a breeder is to have sound bodies and minds and also be able to compete in several venues including Conformation, Obedience and Agility. I also am working with two different registries, AKC and UKC. There are things I like about both registries and their various competitions.

No litters planned for the near future.

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