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Stevie x Comet Litter

Born August 30, 2010

Snovali Hotter Than July (AKC ptd)
Snovali Came Out Of The Sky

This breeding is one that should turn out very nice.  Stevie has the softer expression and prettier eye, as well as a very elegant profile, where Comet has the attitude, coat, movement and several other great attributes to contribute to the cross.

We should end up with some very outgoing attitudes and LOTS of personality!

Comet presented us with 5 gorgeous blue merle puppies on August 30, 2010...
She gave us 2 Blue Merle Boys and 3 Blue Merle Girls...
Couldn't have asked for better!

Pictured 10/5/2010 at 5 weeks old, unless otherwise noted,
in birth order

#1 - "Logan"
Snovali The Unknown Soldier
Blue Merle male (brown eyes, blue fleck in one)
Logan is spoken for.

#2 - "Sunday"
Snovali Blue Sunday
Blue Merle Female (brown eyes)
Sweet disposition, is actually looking more and more like a show possibility.  She will probably finish out at around 15".  She has a very sweet expression, rich color, and beautiful structure.  Not to mention a little bit of an attitude!
Photo taken 1/7/2011 (She was fighting the leash a bit so she isn't quite standing right!)

#3 - "Dauber"
Snovali Rider On The Storm
Blue Merle Male (white mismarks, Blue eyes)
is spoken for.
#4 - "Marbles"
Snovali Roadhouse Blues
Blue Merle Female (brown eyes)
Marbles is spoken for, and is now named "Skye".
#5 - "Fire"
Snovali Light My Fire
Blue Merle Female (white mismark, brown eyes)
We have decided to grow Fire out for a while.  She may become available at a later date but maybe not...
Photo taken 1/7/2011

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